Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cronnit?

A service for making scheduled posts to Reddit.

How much does Cronnit cost?

Cronnit is free and accepts donations via PayPal. It was created because other services cost too much for this basic service.

How does Cronnit post on my behalf?

Cronnit uses the Reddit API via OAuth2. Cronnit will never ask you for your password.

Can I post images or videos via Cronnit?

Nope. Currently only "self" and "link" posts are supported. But you could upload the image to Imgur or YouTube for the time being and post those links.

Can I modify the source code of Cronnit?

Yes! Cronnit is on GitHub under the MIT license.

Why is it called Cronnit?

Because in Linux scheduling tasks are done via Cron jobs.

How does Cronnit compare to other services?

Service Monthly Cost Monthly Posts Free Unlimited
Later for Reddit $30 30
Delay for Reddit $20 70